Kelley Blue Book Fair Repair Range

The Kelley Blue Book Fair Repair Range is a valuable tool for service advisors and customers alike. Our dealership has partnered with Kelley Blue Book to provide our customers with an accurate estimate of the cost of repairs and services before they arrive at the dealership. With the Fair Repair Range, customers can be assured that they are getting a fair price for their repairs and that they won't be surprised by any hidden fees or costs.

What is the Fair Repair Range?

The Fair Repair Range is a price estimate based on Kelley Blue Book's national average for the same service or repair. The Fair Repair Range includes parts and labor costs, and is calculated using the information provided by the customer and the dealership's current parts and labor rates. This range helps customers determine if the quoted price for the repair or service is fair and allows them to compare pricing among different dealerships.

How do I use the Fair Repair Range?

As a service advisor, you can use the Fair Repair Range to provide an estimated cost for a repair or service to a customer. Simply enter the vehicle information, the service or repair, and any additional information into the Kelley Blue Book Service Advisor tool. Once the information is entered, the Fair Repair Range will be displayed. You can then use this range to discuss pricing with the customer and provide a more accurate estimate of the cost of the repair or service.